Sunday, August 25, 2013

My new FAVE brand... MONKI!

For the past week I've been bed ridden and bored out of my mind. Armed with an ipad and a supply of fresh air via an open window, I went on an online shopping sprgazalangee. This was not your average, I'll start some online shopping bags that just turn into wishlists... this spree was full out I have to get all of the things because I need them, and need to qualify for free shipping. Being sick was whatever when I had my credit card and the infinity of possibilities the internet held for me. For all the bad luck I had in my illness, I more than made up for in the freaking ~*scores*~ I finalized and am currently *obsessively* tracking on UPS.

I started my spree by opening up about a million tabs. Curious? Here are my favorite online stores:
(Some are real life stores too... but ain't nobody got time for that)


...and um urban outfitters and forever 21... because we all have our weaknesses.

I started the search by targeting anything Cheap Monday, but got bored pretty quickly because everyone is slacking on updating Cheap Monday merchandise and is instead selling, selling, selling it. That's right everyone, Cheap Monday is actually kind of cheap right now because it seems like most online stores are clearing out the old to make way for the new. Unfortuneately, when this sort of thing happens, cute stuff goes fast and all that I was left to browse was the unwanted out of my size stuff... lame. So my search went on... and into uncharted territory.

Asos, is currently having a SUPER SALE, with stuff up to 50% off, WOWZAS! Lucky me! This super sale consumed me for hours and surprisingly, almost all my tabs turned into Asos tabs! Seriously, check this sale out, things are going fast... asos deletes your shopping cart every 60 minutes, and I was culprit to a few of my selected products selling out as I was looking... sad. Asos, did not fail to amaze though, not only are they a stand alone brand, they also carry a lot of European brands, and they convert the currency for you! And have free shipping, both ways!! Asos has introduced me to a lot of brands that do not personally ship to the states, or change boat loads to do so, including MONKI!

For real, clear your closets out for this brand. They rep the simple street chick with an edge, with basics and more psychedelic pieces. They also have plushies... I am a sucker for plushies. I decided on a cable knit cropped black sweater that I KNOW will be my go-to piece for fall. It's weird, I only bought one thing from the Monki brand... but it's just because I know everything that's good in life is worth the wait (ex. waiting for Netflix to load), and soon enough Asos will carry more of Monki's fall line, which I am about to be ALL OVER.

Please check out their website and explore into the Monki TV section... it is wayyy too cute.

Also, if you're wondering what else I bought... I'll tell you:

Maida Vale Flatforms: 33.75

Vero Moda Parker: 37.13

American Apparel High Waist Skirt: 49.78

Asos Snood: 10.13
And of course, the Monki Sweater, which was only 33.75!
Happy shopping,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

=^.^= A L Y X =^.^=

Meet the sweet and beautiful Alyx Dale. Her closet is straight up to die for, my jaw just fell out of my face over some of the beautiful things in her possession. She plans to move to LA soon, and I can only guess that she will do something amazing, watch out for her.

~A L Y X D A L E x 3 4 W H O R E~ from Leah Maldnado on Vimeo.

All photos taken by Christian Davis

Friday, December 21, 2012


I feel so lame being super into the 90s look sometimes. But I really can't help myself, I'm probably the biggest fangirl of the 90s ever... thats also probably a hyperbole. I wasn't even zero when 1990 happened, I spent five long ones in the 90s, but for at last half of that time I was realizing shit like: what my hand was, and holy shit a cardboard box is so dope. Yet I'm so nostalgic about the things I wasn't apart oF, I could quote myself whining  bring the nineties bacckk way more times than I need to.  And I don't mean bring my childhood back, I mean bring the adulthood I couldn't even comprehend back. I guess it's the fact that I never got it, that I could have, and that everyone else that had moved on from skydancers (I'll never move on from skydancers) was getting nineties fashion shoved down their throats. I remember in the early 2000 thinking that wide heels looked bad... why the hell did I ever think that? I really wish I was born just a few years earlier, or actually that my mom was born a few years earlier and then had me at the same age that she did... teen mom wasn't a thing in the late eighties, mtv was too busy broadcasting the "m" part. If I'm honest with myself, I didn't realllyy grow up in the nineties, I just existed in it. But god damnit I'm going to become an adult in the 90s and fulfill my dreams throw some awesome clothes, hear me roar.
Uh yeah you'd need a fuzzy cropped sweater if you were going to rock a 90s look. I found this guy on thevelveteencloset's etsy. It's sold... so sad. But seriously wear this with some faded high waisted pants a flannel and silvery lipgloss and you're 1995 all the way baby.

The tattoo choker. We all hopefully remember this one. They're a way cooler version of silly bands that came way earlier... but who are we kidding, silly bands will have their nostalgic comeback just like these lil poops.
Okay if you're a dude and you're reading this, don't go out and buy one of these. This one is kind of s stupid one, but imagine if an awesome girl brought these computer graphics shirts back with weird leggings and cool shoes?? It would be amazing. If you are that girl please visit HumanNightmare's etsy. And there are so many goodies in that store beyond this piece. 

But the thing we all miss the most, setting aside clothing, are those computer graphics. So here you go:

Yours for evurrrzzz

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

C O C O x D U T C H 3 $ $

Oh baby, it's Coco, Manda, Amanda. If you don't know her by now, educate yourself, she is the next big thing. She believes that the best style should confuse you, and it is so true, because true originality should be so fresh that only the creator herself knows what the fuck it's about.

Coco interview from Leah Maldnado on Vimeo.

All of these pictures are by the lovely Frankie Tricamo-Palmer. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kimmie Oh No

Okay, I realize that it's still winter, but I like to plan ahead. And this spring I am planning on wearing a kimono jacket on the regular. Actually.. I'm not that patient, I'll probably start wearing them now (it's warm enough inside right? Who cares about how cold it is outside). I realized I needed one when I started to think to myself my outfit would be perfect with a kimono...every single morning when I got dressed. And god damn it it would be! Right now I can't imagine a cooler outfit than a sleek grey-ish (con muchos pretty patterns) kimono over a simple black jeans+lose black T/tank+heels combo.
Look at how perfect they are:
This lovely one teaspoon kimono is brought to you by my discovery of it on Asos, and it's on sale right now. Yes, I would get on that if I were you.

As much as I'm not that into UO, this kimono from there is pretty fly. However, fromt he look of it, it seems like the fabric is kind of starchy, kimonos need flow, so stick to chiffon/chiffon-like material.
And here my lovely friends, is my perfect kimono... waiting for me on Vintage Grime's etsy... I swear if anyone buys this (and it's not for me) I will, as Leslie Knope beautifully put it: " your throat out." 

Disclaimer: I don't think the kimono will be too breath taking if it's used to aid a bohemian look, not in the winter anyways. I think a kimono should fall under "over-sized fashion", treat it that way, keep outfits underneath simple and clean cut. Geishas do not fuck around with too my accessories and do-dads and other unnecessary shit... they just let the kimono shine, take a note from them.

Forever and ever,
L34H $$